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Procedures to cancel a game

  1. Canceling Games- Only the Home Town Coordinator can cancel games
  2. Games should not be canceled just because of rain, wind or cold weather.  Games should only be canceled due to lightning, extreme unseasonable weather, or excessive rain which causes the field to be unplayable.
  3. Games must be canceled a minimum of 90 minutes before start time (2-hours notice is preferred)
  4. Cancellations must be posted on the Home Town’s Team Message Board, and calling/texting the referee hotline (631) 896-7528
  5. Note: please reference each game number (from the schedule) when posting game cancellations.
  6. All games rescheduled through Scheduling Sub-Contractor & Coordinators ONLY.  Home coaches should never coordinate with Visiting coaches.
  7. Games which are canceled incorrectly or canceled without accepted reasoning will be fined as per the 2017 guidelines.